Saturday, August 22, 2015

My friends have babies.

I have always been deeply against being pregnant. A small part of me always figured I would have a family, but I've never wanted to be pregnant. All the body changes and new things you constantly have to be aware of. No wine, no lunch meat. I mean, it's not like any of that sounds appealing to a girl, you know? I do love a good stretchy pant, but that's hardly a selling point on being a human incubator for me. Call me selfish, I probably am. At least I know it up front.

The thing is, I'm now at the age where my friends are starting to have babies because they want to. Granted, two of them weren't exactly planned. But still, we're all married, working, and have stable places to live so getting pregnant isn't as devastating as it would have been when we were younger and poorer and not ready. We are, in all senses "ready". It's just so strange to think that I'm now at an age where I could totally take care of a small human and not be pitied in the grocery store.

All of this is coming up because Luke just told me we have another set of friends just finding out they are pregnant. Of our close friends here in town, we're going to be the only ones not with kids besides my best friend Stacey. She and her boyfriend haven't been together that long though and she's on the same page I am so I doubt she's joining the party any time soon. Although I am so excited for our friends and their adorable new little bundles, I'm already feeling nostalgic for the fun we had when it was just us. Being able to wake up on a Saturday and decide in ten minutes that we're going to spend the whole day on the lake, supplied only with a loaf of bread, lunch meat and a case of beer. Or deciding on a Friday night that we are going on a weekend getaway and just grabbing the first bag we find and hopping in the car.

My friends are having babies and I'm not ready yet. I really love my life how it is now, I'm not ready for this sweet part to be over yet. Maybe I am selfish.