Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm currently sitting at Henry's Nails here in town waiting to get my nails painted. I had my wisdom teeth taken out Friday morning and have felt rotten ever since. I decided that a shiny new nail polish should do the trick so I came down here to try out this new shellac polish everyone keeps raving about! They have too many color choices to choose from though, how is a girl to choose between glitter gold or smoky charcoal?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A day off?

                    I've been so stressed lately with long distance wedding planning, long distance job searching, and trying to get everything to come together that today I decided I would take the day off. I was just going to go to work, focus on my job that I love, go to the gym and focus on sweating and running and forgetting about my day, then come home and watch some mind numbing tv until I crash. No google searches for caterers, no monster searches for openings, no internet at all once I leave work. This was my plan. 
                   All was going according to plan until my mother calls, wanting to see what else I had decided for the wedding. Of course. She said everyone keeps pumping her for details and she doesn't have any answers, why doesn't she have answers? I've only been engaged for 39 days and I already have a date, a location, a photographer, a preacher, a color scheme, decorations, tent rentals, a menu (just no caterer), some bridesmaids with dresses, a grand idea for a bachelorette party, and a wedding dress. A wonderful, perfect, gorgeous, wedding dress that fits perfectly and really needs almost no alterations. I feel like I've accomplished plenty for her to talk about. Geez lady. 
                  Once I finally get her calmed down and off the phone I innocently decide to check my email. Of course I get one from The Knot reminding me that I have exactly 7 months to go! It even included a 7 month checklist, which includes ordering invitations, finding a hairstyle, finding a cake baker, finding ceremony musicians and about three pages worth of other things. Talk about panic attack! As soon as I think I'm ahead, I'm losing again. I know in the end, walking down that aisle and becoming Mrs. Luke Starcher will make all of this totally worth it. And the planning is fun, for the most part. Or at least looking at pictures is, the logistics of it all is where it gets tricky. Anyone out there have any advice for a stressed out bride-to-be?