Friday, June 5, 2015

This little house of mine.

I'm failing miserably at my own challenge! Work has been ridiculously crazy the past month or so, but it's no excuse! I actually just started a new job with an awesome new boss so hopefully I can start to have some of my life back... But anyways, I digress.

Luke and I moved into our new house Easter weekend and literally since January I have been dying to plant some cucumbers. There is absolutely NOTHING better than a homegrown cucumber. I could live off those things. So naturally, we don't plant them right away. There is a perfect garden spot along our driveway, but it requires tilling and in fairness, we didn't really get moved until too late in the season to start a garden from scratch. So instead Luke built me these boxes for raised beds. I have no green thumb. Like at all. It's blacker than black, but still, every year I'm hopeful this will be the year something lives. The first bed we planted is just okra and pumpkins, Luke's favorites. We planted these on May 17. I took this picture on May 29 so only 12 days later! We're already making progress! I owe you a more recent shot, I'll keep you posted. 

The second box is planted with tomatoes, watermelons, jalapeƱos, cucumbers and spaghetti squash. We planted it on Memorial Day Monday, May 25 and look! Sprouts already! Yes, yes, I'll get you more updated pics. Geez.