Saturday, March 31, 2012

I fail at blogging.

So I started this blog thinking it would be a great outlet for me after my crazy days of working, wedding planning, job hunting, working out, and squeezing the last few minutes of friend time out of my remaining days in Greenville. Apparently not so much. I've successfully posted a blog about nail polish, Eric Church, and The Hunger Games (which were awesome, by the way). All pretty much boring. I'm realizing I need to step up my game! From now on, I promise to do better. To actually write about what I had intended, the horrors, wonder, and excitement of being engaged, in your first big world job, moving across the state to find another big world job, planning a wedding, marrying the love of your life and starting new chapters. That's why I named this blog three minutes from home. Because that's where my journey will eventually end up. I'll take you every step of the way.